A Start

I grew up, liking cartoons, and i actually found out that i watched anime as a kid without even realizing it. As i got older i stumbled upon Chynna Clugstons’s Blue Monday Series, which opened the door to indie comics.
I am generally not a big superhero fan, but if it has a good story and decent art i may like it. I love Blankets, and Bone which i stumbled upon, at a small town library in clinton, michigan. I love many types of comics, i enjoy power pack, its soo cute! Kinda super heroish. I started dating a guy almost 3 years ago, who was drawing comics, and setting up at conventions. Before that i had never been to a comic convention. I had no idea what to expect. That con was pretty un eventful. But the next i got to meet Lori Petty (tank girl, a league of their own), which was pretty awesome. And since then i look forward to cons for the people you meet, the art, the stories, and the atmosphere. Like last week i went to the Mid-Ohio Con, i got to meet Steve Rude (nexus) a wonderful guy, very nice, fabulous artist. Doug Jones(fantastic four-silver surfer, pans labyrinth), and Sarah Douglas(Superman 2) they all were wonderful, people that helped make the con an experience. I was however bummed out at the turn out for the con, i know its the weekend after thanksgiving, but sometimes, the con isles were empty. That is not cool. Aside from the movie stars, and main stream artists. What i look for in a con are the indie artists, the webcomic people, and the beautiful art work. Some people that i have stumbled upon, are
Jane Irwin (Vogelein),
Danielle Corsetto(Girls with Slingshots)
Mike Bocianowski (Yets!)

And Many More, i made this so when i found a comic that i absolutely love i can share with you, so you can pick up one too.


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