So i have a few other blogs that i started, but then once i got going on it i realized that i had restricted myself. Let me introduce myself.
My name is Amber, i am 22 years old, i live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I am currently going to school at the local college, my major is psychology and my minor is art. I am applying for graduate school in a few months and i want to be an art therapist. I just got engaged the beginning of this month, and am scheduled to be married to my love of 3 1/2 years on June 26th, 2009.(still tentative)
In a nut shell i have a lot going on…

I love comics, food, art, psychology, trends, celebrities, going green, my quest for becoming a vegan, biking, nature, food network, baking cupcakes, trying new things, trying to be get fit, opening peoples eyes to things they never would have thought of, loving my kitties, and singular pooch. In December i found out that i have a blood disorder, i have a high clotablity factor they call it Lupus Anticoagulant, i don’t have lupus but i have “sticky blood”. I am on blood thinners, and will be life long, the only problem is i have to make my vitamin K consistent. Vitamin k is in so many things, leafy greens, green veggies, a few fruits such as vitamin k, and some things you would not even think of. So alot of vegan/vegetarian recipes have broccoli, kale, lettuce, spinich, asparagus, and as much as i would love to use these in every recipe i can’t. So i am getting used to this idea of having to watch what i throw in my dish, and what i eat aside from not getting meat. I have been enjoying trying to open my fiancee’s eyes to new foods, he is really picky because he has textural problems, so i keep trying to get him to try new stuff. I got him to eat soy sauce, switch from strawberry yogurt to boston cream pie yogurt fat free, eating quaker cheddar rice circles, versus cheese puffs big difference in fat, i have even gotten him to like vegan butter, and not hating vegan cream cheese, he loves all of my vegan cupcakes.:) He’s a work in progress.

Anyways this will be about a range from fighting with my docs on meds-cooking-controlling my vitamin k- wedding planning and more.



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