So as i said in my yesterday posts, i am a senior about to apply for graduate school. The big problem that i am having is no volunteer experiences. I have tried to get into the local suicide helpline but they make you take off 2 consecutive weekends and 2 Wednesdays to do training. Me not living at home and those being my only work days creates a HUGE problem.
2 weeks no pay=homeless.
So i did not do it. The local homeless help place has a counseling position, but you have to also do 3 weeks of training and they always seem to fall on school/work even entire shifts, and 3 weeks no school & no pay= not graduating and again homeless.
So last night in my panic i emailed a local nursing home for Alzheimer patients. I had done this before but no one had responded. Today i get a call while over at my mom’s that they want/need me will happily write me a letter of recommendation and work around my schedule 100% the only thing that would make this better would be pay! But i wont be greedy. So Monday i start my first day and get to do a range of stuff from talking, playing cards, doing art, whatever.

So yeah awesome:)

I also may have found an officiant to do the ceremony for free!! He’s a friend of mine, who apparently is certified. Go figure?

This weekend in wedding news- The fiancee and i are going on Saturday to scout out a location that we think would be perfect for the reception. Then we are going to Macy’s because they have a wedding extravaganza with free cake from vendors to try, photographers, makeup artists and more, maybe a few other things like trying a new breakfast place. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Recipe i found but have not tried(yet!)



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