Wedding Planning

Babbles, & A Recipe!
Though my wedding planning is recent, i still find myself running around trying to get things going. He proposed in a sweet way, after our cats tried to ruin his plan by finding and pulling down the rings hiding spot- under his drawing table. :-p
Our parents approved fully, and happily. Which i was not expecting. But very happy to have received. Since our wedding is tentatively June 26th, 2009 that leaves me about 9 months to plan. Most brides to be have at least a year! But we decided on that date for several reasons.. our anniversary is June 23rd and we wanted it to be close to that date. We could have done it before but then we would be encroaching on our birthdays.(mine is the 19th, his is the 22nd) Also we are moving in Late July out of state so i can go to Graduate School for Art therapy. Not sure where yet, but it adds the other problem… Money…. If only money did not matter in this world.. but then again everyone would die because no one would have any reason to do anything! (hypothetically of course)
So this creates the biggest problem…. Money….. All weddings, and Moves Out of state need it.
I am currently working at a five and dime
Yes that is my store, it is unfortunately going out of business the end of September, and going to school full time. Making enough to pay the bills, and minor other things.
My fiancee is currently working at an art store, and doing freelance art for people. So he is making more then me but still not enough to have a big wedding.

Additionally, my mom has agreed to help but we still are posed a problem of low budget large guest list(we have a lot of family) we are up to 230 people, and those are just the ones we can think of. We also have come up with a food list, and a possible location but there is still so much to do, i have not looked at dresses, or a whole lot of other stuff. So i have a bumpy road ahead, but that is okay, i love a challenge:D
Recipe Time: (note i am a student, and this is pretty tasty)
This Is Vegan!

Sauce pot- preferably non stick
Spoon(my last recipe used a wooden one which my dog ate, seriously)
6 slices or about a 1/4 of the block-use vegan cheese- Cheddar flavor, you can mix em’
1 cup soy milk- vanilla or plain
1/4 cup tofutti plain cream cheese, or onion that would be tasty!
1 tablespoon Curry, or more if you LOVE curry
1 tablespoon mixed seasonings of your choosing i use mccormick season-all has nutmeg and a ton of other spices like 25:)
1/2 tablespoon black pepper
1/2 tablespoon salt
1 cup macaroni- or other pasta we arent picky! ( i used left over from the night before)

Boil pasta, or microwave for 5-10 minutes not sure exact time.
Put soy milk in pan, let it simmer, toss in cheese, let it melt, toss in the cream cheese, let that melt toss in seasonings, toss in cooked pasta mix in cheese.
Serve & Enjoy!


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