Life changes

So i have no new recipe to post sadly, i have been sick for about 3 weeks! I missed 2 weeks of school and failed one of my exams because i could not concentrate and my ADD medicine was not working! That aside i registered last week and sat through a 3 hour orientation/epi-pen training plus got fingerprinted and i am now a substitute teacher. I should be starting in about a week. They are going to email me once i can start working but it should be exciting, challenging and a new experience everyday! I hope i don’t like it too much otherwise i may have to reconsider my graduate degree for a teaching degree 😀

Let see… i had to buy a new automatic litter box because ours died, it was a Littermaid and only lasted 6 months and i sadly did not have the receipt anymore to prove that we bought it within the warrantee period so byebye box. Its okay though i desipised that machine it worked until it got stuck. The one we replaced it with is twice the litter maids cost but so much cooler and already has worked so much better than the previous. It looks like a strange space ship or a robot. So can you guess what it is called?? “The Litter Robot” comes in 3 colors and is pretty bad-ass. 🙂 There are videos of how it works at the link, and no i don’t work for the company 🙂 I just like to tell people about things i think are cool.

Speaking of cool/awesome J and i saw Coraline the Neil Gaiman(he wrote it) movie (guy who did stardust& mirromask), and it was WONDERFUL. Quirky, fun, immersive and so many things for kids, adults and anything in between. If you have any reservations about this movie throw it out and go see it now you will love it. Dakota Fanning voices Coraline, and Teri Hatcher is the other mother. Oh and Henry Selick wrote the script for the movie and i believe directed it too.

Wedding things are moving slowly mostly because J and i don’t know where to move from here we just secured our bartender a friend of mine from a few classes Lyle. Other than that we don’t really know what we want to do with the hall, so.. any suggestions on the cheap would be appreciated the cake we are thinking is going to be chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and raspberry coolee. (J is texture senstive)

But i just realized that it is 1 and i have to be to class at 2 and i am still in my Pjs!

Bye! Go see Coraline! 🙂


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