Huzzah, bear with me a tiny bit more….

Huzzah! I am back sort of… Here is what is going on:

I went to upload my two recipes with photos, and got the memory stick stuck in the port and i can’t get it out and it won’t let me load the photos. *frusterating!* Since that fiasco on sunday, monday i caught a cold from someone using some wicked chemicals in the printmaking studio, and i since have been sneezing and coughing like a smoker/allergy ridden person. I am trying desperately to beat this cold by Sunday, for Easter. Not only that but my great uncle mike is dying from lung cancer and they only gave him 2 months to live. I have not seen him but he will be there for Easter. I really want to see him, but i also don’t want to speed up his… you know. I have not seen him in years, he’s early 60’s.. really sad. He wants to see me all grown up, he did not realize that i was old enough to be getting married and graduating college. (I’ll be 23 in june)

That aside i have 1 week left of actual classes, to turn in stuff and print stuff. Then the following week is finals… I have been slowly chiseling away at my tasks.. I have two online classes and one of them added a bunch of junk, that was not on the syllabus… Example of stuff before i started chiseling…

DOP=1 class

M&E-1 class

Printmaking- 1 class

H&S-1 class

S&P- 1 class


Today-DOP-research paper due

Wednesday- M&E- Exam 4

Friday- Dop- final exam, M&E- Exam 5 (no kidding) & 60 question fill in the answer.

Then next week-

Monday- M&E- 5-10 pg paper due (just posted 2 days ago, from my entry), Printmaking all prints due, 6 matted prints & editions.

Tuesday- S&P- Exam due

Wednesday- H&S Final Exam & Paper due

So i have eliminated-

1. research paper due today, exam 4, & 60 question guide.

So i still have along way to go… As for upcoming things….

April 20th-24th finals week

April 26th- Graduation

May 1st- graduate school application 1 due

May 3rd- 1st bridal shower

May 10th- mothers day

Week of May 11th- Send out wedding invitations

May 15th- 2nd graduate school application due

May 15th-17th- Motorcity comic convention (i have to miss Saturday) (my fiancee sets up and sells his comics very cool-

May 16th- 2nd bridal shower

May 31st- 3rd bridal shower

June 7th- Baby shower for a friend (thankfully not me!)

June 11th-15th- Tennessee Megacon Comic Convention

June 19th- my 23rd birthday πŸ™‚

June 20th- my bachelorette party!

June 21st- Father’s Day

June 22nd- my fiancee’s birthday he will be 25 πŸ™‚ (any ideas for a fun night out?)

June 23rd- our anniversary- 4 years!

June 27th- our wedding ❀

*Wow so sorry for my long calendar, it’s not too bad but there is alot going on… I still have alot of wedding stuff to do… and get!

Biggest 2 are:

1. wedding dress ( i know, i know…! )

2. the rings (this is up to him.. I know, i know!)

Then we have the rest of the silverware, table covers, etc etc…. we have a lot to do.. but we are trying to keep it relaxedΒ  *ha i know i know!*

So bear with me guys, i SWEAR if i have to peel my laptop apart to get you guys a new recipe i will do so…. within reason πŸ˜€


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