a look at me

Hello! You are looking at a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 🙂 I am so excited!! I just took my last final of my undergraduate today. Graduation ceremony is Sunday and i am SO ecstatic! I NEVER thought i would get my bachelors. When i first started school i figured i would get an associates in radiology or denististry, i never ever thought that i would decide to pursue something i actually enjoyed, or what would spark that. Truth be told in my second semester at Washtenaw Community College i was taking an introductory psychology course, a lit class, a math course, and an art course. Who knew that that psychology course would peak my interest. The class was the hardest psychology course i have ever taken. Seriously. Psych 101 was the hardest. The teacher was crazy we had exams every week, quizzes every day, and 2 research papers that we had to actually dig through the library and use research articles to populate our papers with, we had presentations and so much to do. I ended up with an A- while most of my classmates got a C, i excelled and enjoyed every moment of that course. Sadly my later classes did not challenge me and while i feel that i have learned alot through my later classes, i wish i could have had that intensity all the way through. That being said i have always loved art, and a year ago i was sure i was going to go into art therapy for my graduate degree, but then i found out that its really hard to get insurance and thus my clientele becomes very small.

That aside yay to me! 🙂 J has been a terrific help through all of this, i almost switched to an art degree several times, but he always pushed me forward. Math was painful i have never been good at math, but i got through it and here i stand a happy graduate!

So today instead of a recipe i give you a photo of this happy graduate.

dsc00899J says i look “studious”

Today i threw away all of my school papers (well most of them) and reorganized my desk to be used casually, not all the time.

Now rather then frantically studying, and putting together projects….

i can run around frantically preparing for comic convention season with J (Into The Dust), and run even more frantically about preparing for our wedding and going to bridal showers.. *happy sigh* life is good.

Tomorrow for the 1st time in over a month i will be a substitute, instead of choosing the easier option and teaching “normal” kids i am teaching at a preschool for the developmentally challenged. =)

That’s all see you soon! Maybe i will bring some bridal shower recipes with me, i know that there will be plenty of delicious deserts.



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