We are moving our house…

Hello so we are getting a pre inspection tomorrow, i am babysitting 8:30-5:30 tuesday & wednesday. Inspection wednesday at 2:30, leave early in the day Thursday for Knoxville, TN to go to a comic con to set up Friday-Sunday, Drive home Tuesday. Then my Bday friday the 19th, Jesse’s Bday that following Monday (22nd),  23rd is our 5 year anniversary! Then the 26th is our rehersal dinner, and the 27th is our WEDDING!!!!!!!!!! Then following the wedding is 4th of July and then that Monday we move out of our apartment into a rental home. 🙂 Crazy but exciting. Just wanted to say that i won’t be posting anything food but craft wise i will…. I also started a shop on ETSY. MY SHOP

It has lots  of cool soaps, cards, and bags. I have been trying to add new things every few days. I named it SOAPY PENGUINS =) Check it out and let me know what you think! =) Also if there is anything you want me to make please say so! 🙂

Things left to do for the wedding:

1.) buy slip, bra thingy, and jacket.

2.) find & buy glow sticks

3.) make wedding play list

4.) burn a cd for each guest

5.) buy all plates, silverware etc.

6.) day before wedding, buy food

7. Etc. Etc. Whole mess of stuff.

So bear with me, the new house has a huge kitchen so lots of tasty things will be made !


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