Death of a Friend

I wanted to say that a friend of mine died a few days ago. He was 26 years old, and died of the stomach flu. He was one of those quirky unique people and to know him was to love him. When you met him he burrowed this spot into your life and without him a void is left behind. When i look at his facebook page i keep waiting for a call saying, ha just kidding guys. Sadly it will not happen and our quirky lovable friend was taken away. A man who did not possess a mean bone in his body, who was a very devoted catholic, who was brilliant, and thought provoking. In my five years of knowing him, it was much too short and 26 years is too short of a time to live in this world.

So my friend when we play Settlers of Catan, and munchkin we will think of you. When we eat food that you were allergic to like mangoes we will think of you. When we watch tv shows that remind us of you like Big Bang Theory we will think of you.

Think of you and miss you dearly. See you one day, but for now it is goodbye.


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