Jesse’s Raging Eason Pasta

Today’s Dish comes from my husband Jesse Rubenfeld from : HERE

The name of this dish honors the late Ian Krieg from my last post. Raging Eason is an inside joke that only they shared. This dish has very few ingredients but some how leaves you craving it. Trust me. My husband does not eat very many things but this is his signature dish.


Butter/margarine (1 pat, or 1 tbsp) Per bowl

1 box of noodles of your choosing, i prefer shells the medium sized ones.

All spice (1 tbsp) per bowl

Soy Sauce ( enough to turn your water a nice blackish color in the pan)

More Soy Sauce to add once your pasta is in the bowl about a tbsp per dish or more for taste.

Parmesan Cheese/ Can use vegan cheese- about 1/4 cup per bowl. The more the better 🙂

Start with a pot of water and add tons of soy sauce. Till it looks like the pan below.

Bowl for however long the pasta says on the box. The longer it boils the better it tastes.

Make sure to take the pat of butter and leave it in the bowl while your pasta bowls to allow it to warm up. Add the pasta right on top of the butter. mix until butter is spread over noodles. Add a bit more soy sauce to each bowl and stir again.

Add the Allspice and mix it up.

Add in the excessive amount of Parmesan cheese, and stir.

Then Enjoy! 🙂

Keep tuning in i have many more recipes coming your way!



One response to “Jesse’s Raging Eason Pasta

  1. Of course, NOW Ian could eat this dish, where before he couldn’t!

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