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Moving to a better place…

So thanks to you wonderful readers i was able to get my own website=) The bad news is that you will have to add a new link.
There are so many perks to this new website. Go check it out. This site will still be here with my really old stuff (until i feel like moving it all to my new site)

New site:

Enjoy & send me an email for what you think 🙂


Baked Veggie Eggrolls, Coleslaw & Sherry mushrooms

This recipe was one that i had wanted to make forever, but was afraid to make egg rolls. (crazy i know) My husband and i are trying to watch what we eat, and so i did not want to fry the egg rolls. So i baked them! These are also super easy to reheat and maintain their crunchy exterior. If you have a toaster oven just toss them(gently) on the rack and set to the toast function. You can also put it in the oven but that would take much longer. You can put whatever you want into these i used what i had on hand.

Ingredients: for egg rolls

Wrappers like above

Veggies thinly sliced into strips

I used- cabbage, onion & red pepper (our fridge was really wimpy)

olive oil


fry pan


0. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

1. Take about a tbsp or less enough to coat the pan or pam cooking spray

2. toss in cabbage/ whatever veggies you have that take awhile to cook.

3. add onions & red pepper/ same as above

4. be sure to stir and watch to keep the cabbage a bit crunchy, if you don’t keep it crunchy its not a big deal.

5. add other veggies such as mushrooms.

6. Take a pan and spray with pam/rub with olive oil

7. take pan off burner and turn off the stove (just a friendly reminder i forgot :))

8. take your wrappers and gently peel a layer off turn it diamond shape so a tip is facing your belly button.

9. add filling to a bit lower then the center of your wrap

10. fold up the left and right sides (like an envelope)

11. then close, you don’t need a paste to keep it closed just hold the part you just closed with your hand and flip, placing it onto the pan.

12. once you have filled the pan spray your egg rolls with pam/ spread a layer of olive oil over the top.

13. Place into the now toasty oven for 8-10 minutes, then flip and cook for an additional 5-7 minutes.

***While its baking you are going to want something to dip your roll into i assume?

You could always buy a dip such as sweet n sour but it is ridiculously easy to make your own.


1 tsp of sugar

1/2 cup of ketchup

1/4 cup of teriyaki

a pinch of sesame seeds

1 tsp of sherry or other liquor (optional)

1 tsp of rice vinegar

Mix & refrigerate until your rolls are done.

Cole slaw!!!

1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise (i use nayonnaise)

2 tbs vinegar of choice ( i used rice vinegar)

1 tsp agave nectar

1/2 tsp of celery seed (its okay if you don’t have it)

black pepper to taste

1/2 or more head of cabbage sliced thinly (but not see through if that makes sense think a cm or so)


1. place cabbage in bowl

2. mix ingredients in seperate bowl

3. blend & enjoy 🙂

Finally the sherry mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!

I am a mushroom fanatic, i eat them every day and if i could figure out a way to eat them in my cereal i would.These are simple and delicious.


1/2 box mushrooms of choice (baby bella/cremini)

tsp olive oil

2 tbs Sherry of choice


1. put olive oil in pan

2. slice mushrooms roughly/however you want

3. toss in pan

4. wait about a minute and add in the sherry let simmer until the liquid is gone

5. enjoy your tasty morsels 🙂

That’s all for today but check back soon as i have a stock pile of recipes that i just pulled off my camera.

Hope you had a great Easter if you celebrated it.

Jesse’s Raging Eason Pasta

Today’s Dish comes from my husband Jesse Rubenfeld from : HERE

The name of this dish honors the late Ian Krieg from my last post. Raging Eason is an inside joke that only they shared. This dish has very few ingredients but some how leaves you craving it. Trust me. My husband does not eat very many things but this is his signature dish.


Butter/margarine (1 pat, or 1 tbsp) Per bowl

1 box of noodles of your choosing, i prefer shells the medium sized ones.

All spice (1 tbsp) per bowl

Soy Sauce ( enough to turn your water a nice blackish color in the pan)

More Soy Sauce to add once your pasta is in the bowl about a tbsp per dish or more for taste.

Parmesan Cheese/ Can use vegan cheese- about 1/4 cup per bowl. The more the better 🙂

Start with a pot of water and add tons of soy sauce. Till it looks like the pan below.

Bowl for however long the pasta says on the box. The longer it boils the better it tastes.

Make sure to take the pat of butter and leave it in the bowl while your pasta bowls to allow it to warm up. Add the pasta right on top of the butter. mix until butter is spread over noodles. Add a bit more soy sauce to each bowl and stir again.

Add the Allspice and mix it up.

Add in the excessive amount of Parmesan cheese, and stir.

Then Enjoy! 🙂

Keep tuning in i have many more recipes coming your way!


Death of a Friend

I wanted to say that a friend of mine died a few days ago. He was 26 years old, and died of the stomach flu. He was one of those quirky unique people and to know him was to love him. When you met him he burrowed this spot into your life and without him a void is left behind. When i look at his facebook page i keep waiting for a call saying, ha just kidding guys. Sadly it will not happen and our quirky lovable friend was taken away. A man who did not possess a mean bone in his body, who was a very devoted catholic, who was brilliant, and thought provoking. In my five years of knowing him, it was much too short and 26 years is too short of a time to live in this world.

So my friend when we play Settlers of Catan, and munchkin we will think of you. When we eat food that you were allergic to like mangoes we will think of you. When we watch tv shows that remind us of you like Big Bang Theory we will think of you.

Think of you and miss you dearly. See you one day, but for now it is goodbye.

3 new dishes!

I am SO sorry, again life has gotten away from me.. but fear not i have 3 dishes that have already been made. 1 is vegan. Hints: Something you eat in the morning, a sweet treat with condensed milk, and a roasting of types……

So once i find my camera charger i can plug it in and post! Don’t worry everything is VERY scrumptious and fairly easy =) the vegan item was my first time making it, and i have made it twice since, the second time i learned what not to do.

So soon readers i promise soon. =)

We are moving our house…

Hello so we are getting a pre inspection tomorrow, i am babysitting 8:30-5:30 tuesday & wednesday. Inspection wednesday at 2:30, leave early in the day Thursday for Knoxville, TN to go to a comic con to set up Friday-Sunday, Drive home Tuesday. Then my Bday friday the 19th, Jesse’s Bday that following Monday (22nd),  23rd is our 5 year anniversary! Then the 26th is our rehersal dinner, and the 27th is our WEDDING!!!!!!!!!! Then following the wedding is 4th of July and then that Monday we move out of our apartment into a rental home. 🙂 Crazy but exciting. Just wanted to say that i won’t be posting anything food but craft wise i will…. I also started a shop on ETSY. MY SHOP

It has lots  of cool soaps, cards, and bags. I have been trying to add new things every few days. I named it SOAPY PENGUINS =) Check it out and let me know what you think! =) Also if there is anything you want me to make please say so! 🙂

Things left to do for the wedding:

1.) buy slip, bra thingy, and jacket.

2.) find & buy glow sticks

3.) make wedding play list

4.) burn a cd for each guest

5.) buy all plates, silverware etc.

6.) day before wedding, buy food

7. Etc. Etc. Whole mess of stuff.

So bear with me, the new house has a huge kitchen so lots of tasty things will be made !

The Search for Spock!

* Not food post but kinda funny :)*

I am not a trekkie. I have only seen 1 movie i think the khan one, and i have not seen more then 1 episode of the show (whale one). Jesse told me that burger king had these cool cups set of 4, for 2 bucks each with a value meal purchase, so i said okay lets go! The 1st place(off washtenaw) had 3 of the cups but no SPOCK! I got the veggie burger and we went to DQ but when we got back in the car Kaeci (the dog) had eaten my sandwich and fries!  We then went to the ellsworth one, but No spock! Then i thought of one off state street… No Spock! Then we went to the one off stadium other side of Ann Arbor.. They said they had spock, then no spock but we thought that would be the last so i got a sandwich but they just gave me a bun with lettuce and tomato when i tried to say uh wheres my gardenburger they tried to argue and i said fine give me back my money, and grabbed the fries and drink and took my money back! (they wanted to charge me 2 more dollars for a garden burger seriously…) Then i remembered one in saline off platt & michigan avenue… No spock! Finally on the way home i called our friend Brett of boomtown scabs comic (look it up) and he sad there were two burger kings in Belleville one off rawsonville and one off belleville rd. At rawsonville THEY HAD SPOCK!!! (they also messed up my veggie burger like the last place, but they were nice and fixed it) So we have the set of 4 glasses which are pretty sweet looking! <- This coming from a non-trekkie. We are going to see the movie tomorrow. The cups have the old cast & The new cast & frosted in some parts pretty cool. 
Who knows maybe SYLAR will sway me, man candy can always sway me to nerdier sides of things…..
SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Smallville, Lois & Clark, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and other nerdy shows. 
All shows that were swayed by man candy. 😉 

Anyways thats all folks, rawsonville rd said they had 10 cases of each so get em while you can! 

If you go HERE it has images and specs of the glasses. 


See you guys soon! I have about 4 recipes to share one crock-pot recipe… 

Oh! and Jesse from Into the Dust(which has book 4 all online, or personally drawn covers for only $10 bucks if you order them! has a great new piece of with Hugh Jackman who is simply delicious even in drawn form 🙂