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The Search for Spock!

* Not food post but kinda funny :)*

I am not a trekkie. I have only seen 1 movie i think the khan one, and i have not seen more then 1 episode of the show (whale one). Jesse told me that burger king had these cool cups set of 4, for 2 bucks each with a value meal purchase, so i said okay lets go! The 1st place(off washtenaw) had 3 of the cups but no SPOCK! I got the veggie burger and we went to DQ but when we got back in the car Kaeci (the dog) had eaten my sandwich and fries!  We then went to the ellsworth one, but No spock! Then i thought of one off state street… No Spock! Then we went to the one off stadium other side of Ann Arbor.. They said they had spock, then no spock but we thought that would be the last so i got a sandwich but they just gave me a bun with lettuce and tomato when i tried to say uh wheres my gardenburger they tried to argue and i said fine give me back my money, and grabbed the fries and drink and took my money back! (they wanted to charge me 2 more dollars for a garden burger seriously…) Then i remembered one in saline off platt & michigan avenue… No spock! Finally on the way home i called our friend Brett of boomtown scabs comic (look it up) and he sad there were two burger kings in Belleville one off rawsonville and one off belleville rd. At rawsonville THEY HAD SPOCK!!! (they also messed up my veggie burger like the last place, but they were nice and fixed it) So we have the set of 4 glasses which are pretty sweet looking! <- This coming from a non-trekkie. We are going to see the movie tomorrow. The cups have the old cast & The new cast & frosted in some parts pretty cool. 
Who knows maybe SYLAR will sway me, man candy can always sway me to nerdier sides of things…..
SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Smallville, Lois & Clark, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and other nerdy shows. 
All shows that were swayed by man candy. 😉 

Anyways thats all folks, rawsonville rd said they had 10 cases of each so get em while you can! 

If you go HERE it has images and specs of the glasses. 


See you guys soon! I have about 4 recipes to share one crock-pot recipe… 

Oh! and Jesse from Into the Dust(which has book 4 all online, or personally drawn covers for only $10 bucks if you order them! has a great new piece of with Hugh Jackman who is simply delicious even in drawn form 🙂